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Big Energy Savings Week

This week is Big Energy Savings Week! Advisers at Citizens Advice see many people who are struggling to pay their energy bills. 11% of households in England are estimated to be in fuel poverty. At Citizens Advice we try to help consumers understand their energy use and cut their bills. The key messages are CHECK, […]

Finding out how to stay well in your community

Citizens Advice in Dorset (CAiD) wants to find out where people go to get information, advice and guidance about care issues, for example: • how do I pay for my mother’s care? • how can I get my home adapted now I am less mobile? • do I need a solicitor to get a Power […]

Universal Credit snapshot report

Universal Credit (UC) is the biggest-ever change to the benefit system. UC is a new benefit which helps people on a low income or not in work meet their living costs. It combines six benefits, including Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit, into a single monthly payment. UC has now been rolled out across the […]

Don’t miss a trick! – be Scam Aware

June is Scams Awareness Month. A scam is a scheme to try to steal money, personal information or data from a person or organisation. Other names for a scam include fraud, hoax, con, swindle and cheat. Anyone can fall for a scam. Scams are getting increasingly sophisticated and even the most cautious people can be […]