Digital Disadvantage - Online Survey

We want to know if you feel you are missing out because you do not have full (or any) access to the internet.

It would be very helpful if you could take a few minutes to tell us about your experiences by completing our survey form.

All answers will be kept completely anonymous and we will destroy the forms when the survey is complete.

Thank you for your help.

A.  Do you have access to the internet?
1. Yes, at home:
2. Yes, but only on my smart phone:
3. Yes through family and friends:
4. Yes, at library or public space:
5. No, I don't have access:
6. I could access the internet but I don't know how to use a computer/smart phone:
7. I choose not to access the internet (because of cost, scams etc):
8. My home access to the internet is limited by available broadband speed:

B. How do you feel you miss out by not having full access to the internet
1. I miss out on deals and/or services:
2. I cannot fill out online applications:
3. I cannot find information:
4. I do not have access to social media (e.g. Facebook)
5. Other ways (please say what):

C. It would be helpful to know something about you.
What is your age group?: Under 45: 45 - 65 over 65:
 Are you?: Employed: Not employed Retired: Not employed through ill health:
 Is your income?: Less than £250pw: £250-£500pw: More than £500pw:
D. What is your Post Code?:          
E. Would you be happy to discuss this topic further?
If you would be happy for us to call you to ask a few more questions to support our research, then please tick the appropriate box, thank you.
F. If yes, please give your details here:
Phone:      (Please include area code)
Thank you for your help with this survey.......